Ciminelli Vineyard

To produce a great wine, you must start with a great vineyard. Our Hobel "The Grain" Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced exclusively from the Ciminelli Vineyard in Calistoga. The Ciminelli Vineyard (formerly known as the Engelhard Vineyard) sits between 475 and 575 feet at the base of Diamond Mountain in the Calistoga AVA. This location provides ideal growing conditions due to the combination of cool mornings and evenings, with beautiful sun exposure during the middle of the day.

All of the grapes included in our Hobel "The Grain" Cabernet Sauvignon are from the highest and steepest elevations of the vineyard, planted on soil composed of well-drained volcanic rock. With Thomas Brown’s guidance, we selected three clones of Cabernet Sauvignon (See Clone, Clone 4 & Clone 6) that we believed would, when combined, produce the quality and complexity we were looking for in our wine. We have been working with these same vines since our inaugural 2009 vintage.

Under the watchful eye of Thomas and David Abreu Vineyard Management, the vineyard is constantly being fine-tuned to produce world class grapes. We feel privileged to be working with such a passionate and exacting group of people on this beautiful site.

R.M. Kennedy Vineyard

Our Hobel "The Figure" Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced exclusively from the R.M. Kennedy Vineyard in Calistoga. The R.M. Kennedy Vineyard, a five acre hillside vineyard located on the northwest slope of Diamond Mountain in the Calistoga AVA, looks out towards a panoramic view of Mount St. Helena and the notable Palisades of the Vaca Mountain range. Planted on Aiken Loam, a prized terroir known for its rocky, cobbled reddish soil, the vineyard enjoys intense daytime heat followed by a bath of cooling breezes in the late afternoon coming across the Chalk Hill Gap, originating from the Pacific Ocean. This unique combination of hot days and cool nights produces a rich and nuanced Cabernet Sauvignon graced by balanced acid levels and a structured tannin profile.

R.M. Kennedy Vineyard was originally planted in the 1880s to Zinfandel and re-planted in 2010 with a specific combination of rootstocks and Cabernet Sauvignon clones selected by soil scientist and viticulturist Paul Anamosa to compliment the variable soil structures found around the property. The vineyard is expertly managed and farmed by Roberto Corona, with valued insight from viticultural consultant Nathan Baty, vineyard QC and grower relations professional Daniel Ricciato and venerated winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown.